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Stapelbare energieopslagbatterij

Power capacity(Wh): 15.36 kWh

Nominal Voltage: 307.2V
Nominal Capacity: 50Ah
Power capacity(Wh): 15.36 kWh
IP Level: IP65
Battery Type: Stackable high voltage battery
Cell Cycle Life: 6000 times
Communication: CAN / RS485
Certification: UL/IEC/CE/UN38.3/MSDS

Stackable High Voltage Battery 15kWh 307V

The system integrates expandable lithium-ion battery modules group, and hybrid solar inverter into one unit to offers an economical and self-sufficiency solution allowing the owners to store excess clean solar energy during the daytime to power their residential appliances at night. The System include an easily scalable lithium-ion battery modules for energy expansion which is lighter and has a compact/elegant design.

Technical Parameters:

Battery model High Voltage 15kWh
Nominal voltage307.2V
Nominal capacity50Ah
Power capacity(Wh)15.36kWh
Operating volt. range220.8V-345.6V
Max. charging current52A
Max. discharging current52A
Charging temperature range-10℃~45℃
Discharging temperature range-20℃~60℃
Dimension (L x W x H)655*189*1195mm
Unit weight163.6Kg
IP LevelIP65
Cell Cycle Life6000 times


Solar/wind energy storage
Home/ Residential Solar System
Solar Storage System
Solar Energy System
Household off-grid solar systems


ISO9001/ CE-EMC/ IEC62620/ UL1973/ MSDS/ UN38.3 etc.